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Catalyst: Freedom Fighter

There’s a cautionary scene in the movie Braveheart.  Young William Wallace, in his youthful exuberance, declares his longing to join his father Malcolm and his brother in a fight against the English.  Malcolm has an important instruction for his son…

Young William Wallace: “I can fight.”

Malcolm Wallace: “I know.  I know you can fight, but it’s our wits that make us men.”

There’s a struggle happening.  Right now.  In the hearts of men everywhere, combat is taking place, with the casualties and aftermath of battle rearing its ugly head through divorce, affairs, loneliness, exhaustion, and anger.

This war for the spirit is critical.  The weapons of soul destruction are great and have many names, but how are we choosing to respond?  How are we choosing to engage?

Perhaps our weapons of war are failing us.  In our most vulnerable moments, we rely exclusively upon our strength and intellect to overcome the circumstance, only to face the voices of past sins, fear, doubt, and selfishness.  Having been captivated by the whispers of deceit and enslaved by the chains of pride, we have unwittingly embraced captivity.  Freedom dies when lies abound.

Catalyst, The Global Orphan Project’s annual men’s retreat, seeks to prompt a daring pursuit into the heart of manhood.  These retreats have spurred deep relationships between old and new friends, resulting from a no-holds-barred discussion into the struggle to become men after the Lord’s own heart.  Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, there is something for you on the mountainside.

For this year’s retreat, we return to Bear Trap Ranch, a beautiful 30 acre property just outside of Colorado Springs, CO.  The retreat will feature men sharing their relatable and inspiring stories, revealing how their lives were altered by their encounter with Jesus Christ.  The retreat will also offer time for resting, hiking, mountain climbing, and general fellowship.

So join us!  This year’s retreat promises to offer a physically and spiritually rewarding journey into the fight for manhood.  Let us put aside the distractions of everyday life for a weekend to reflect upon the Lord’s heart for men.

Dates: August 4-7 (Check-in Thursday evening; wrap-up Sunday mid-morning)
Location: Bear Trap Ranch, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Leadership: Mike Fox, Co-Founder, The Global Orphan Project
Price: $499 (tax-deductible*)
Participants: limited to 75

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Here is what past participants have said about past GO Adventures retreats:

• “This was the best Christian retreat ever. Believe me, I’ve been on many.”

• “This retreat definitely challenged me, which is exactly what I signed up for! Thanks again for all of your work! I can say it was the best retreat I have ever been to.”

• “Every speaker hit the ball out of the park. What an incredible weekend. Mike Fox set the tone for the weekend with his amazing honesty.”

• “It was a great retreat. My relationship with my son is SO MUCH deeper than it was. My relationship with a good friend has just gone to the next level. My relationship with my wife is even better.”

• “It was a great trip. Would do it again in a heartbeat. Still processing what I learned and am still learning about myself.”

• “That was definitely the best men’s retreat I have been to. Clearly, it pushed me to ‘cave in’ fully, and not keep one foot in the boat and one on the land. I’m done with all that goes along with that.”

• “This was one of the most meaningful times in my life. Going deep, surrendering to the Lord, confessing my brokenness in a place of love and support, and leaving the weekend encouraged and hopeful.”

• “It was a very rich time and I feel fuller of God than I have felt for a long time.” 

*A substantial portion of your Adventure cost is a tax deductible contribution to The Global Orphan Project.