GO Guesthouse

The Global Orphan Project Run d'Haiti Jumecourt Inn

The Global Orphan Project owns and operates a hotel and transportation business east of Port-au-Prince called the GO Guesthouse. Trips to the Port-au-Prince area stay at this guesthouse, but it is also available for other groups and individuals to make reservations.

If our partners prefer to manage all the logistics of their trip they can chose to make reservations at the GO Guesthouse for their lodging, transportation, and translation needs. In this case, GO Project does NOT set the agenda, provide a trip leader, or coordinate the trip. However, GO Project does approve the agenda if it involves visiting children in one of the GO Haiti villages.

For prices associated with an independent trip to the GO Guesthouse, please visit www.goguesthouse.org.

Group Size: Range 1-60
Dates: Any