As of January 15, 2016, the CDC issued a level-2 travel alert for people traveling to regions and certain countries where Zika virus transmission is ongoing. Haiti is currently on that list of countries. There is evidence that Zika may be sexually transmitted from a male to his partner. Also, pregnant women may transmit the virus to their unborn children. Research is currently focusing on a probably link between Zika and microcephaly in newborns. Definitive research is ongoing. For more information regarding this alert, please click here>>. CDC is especially recommending special precautions for pregnant women and women and their partner trying to become pregnant.

Planning your trip can be simple if you follow our suggestions. We have ten years of experience leading thousands of people to developing countries. In addition to having a current passport and the appropriate immunizations and medications, please keep in mind you will need to be organized and pack lightly.

If you are or have a minor traveling with us, please complete and have notarized this Minors Traveling Release Form (PDF). Please also review our Team Covenant (PDF).

For further information, please review the following list of considerations you will need to make in planning your trip.

Packing List – Haiti Packing List – Uganda Medical Passports Fundraising

Billing Cancellation and Refund Policies

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