Ministry Needs

Help launch a movement by joining in these strategic GO Project initiatives.

To help support one of these needs, please email Ryan Hudnall at or give us a call at 816.536.8333.

As part of meeting ministry needs, please note that 100% of your gift is distributed to the field.

Top International GO Project Needs

1. Your prayers Across the globe, orphaned and vulnerable children are in need of your prayers. In Torit, South Sudan, the children in care of our local church partner continue to face war, inflation, food shortages, and a financial crisis. In southwest Haiti, the people are enduring the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew. These are just two examples of the challenges faced by our local church partners. Our hearts are drawn to their plight. Will you pause to pray?

2. GO Transition Academy — Student Sponsorship What happens to an orphaned and abandoned child after they age out of care? To address the needs of these young adults, GO Haiti has developed a two-year life-skills and discipleship program called the GO Transition Academy. In its fourth year, individual students at the GO Transition Academy are in need of sponsorship. Please contact us to learn more about how you can invest in the lives of these young adults. Monthly sponsorship of a student at the GO Transition Academy is $200.

3. GO Transition Academy – Expansion Capacity at the GO Transition Academy has been reached, but our heart longs to serve additional young adults emerging from residential-style orphan care. Estimates for land acquisition and new construction are being obtained.

4. GO Africa – Village Sponsorship Our local church partners in East Africa are looking for support! Would you like to partner with a local church in Africa to meet the needs of orphaned and vulnerable children in their community? Costs vary by village. Please contact us to learn more!

5. Food Depot: Pothawira, Malawi As part of their efforts to develop a more sustainable ministry, Peter and Emma Maseko are farming in order to provide food for the orphan care ministry (which currently serves more than 100 children). However, the village is in need of a food depot in order to store the fruits of the land. Estimated cost of construction is $15,000.

6. GO India: New Village Partner GO India is expanding! In February 2017, we launch a new partnership in Hyderabad, beginning with orphan prevention initiatives in order to bolster the local community. As part of these efforts, the local church plans to install a communal clean-water source (including a defluoridation system) and to lead an after-school program. Upfront costs for the water system are $8,000, and the costs of the monthly after-school program are $1,000/month. The after-school program will serve 100 children and include a daily meal.

7. Orphan Care in the Middle East The plight of the Syrian refugee weighs upon our hearts, and we are currently exploring new partnerships to serve the refugee. Would you like to take part in equipping local churches to serve those displaced by the conflict in the Middle East? Please contact us to learn more.

8. Mama’s Retreats It’s no secret: mamas across the world are the backbone of this ministry, representing the voice of affection, counsel, and discipline to children in the care of our local church partners. These mamas work day after day, going months without a day of rest. To offer a chance of respite and refreshment, our sister organizations GO Haiti and GO Africa work with local church partners to host a women’s retreat for these committed servants. Will you help care for the caregiver? Each mama’s retreat in Haiti and Uganda approximates $3,000 and $5,000, respectively.

9. Hurricane Response: Relief and Redevelopment Fund After successfully returning all children displaced by Hurricane Matthew to their homes, we continue to rebuild the schools and churches damaged by the storm. Nearly all roofs on the schools and churches at the sites of our village partners were damaged, with some requiring complete replacement. Because of your generosity, we anticipate that only an additional $20,000 is needed to complete the repairs. Final estimates for constructions are being obtained at this time.