The Ministry of Providing Opportunities

Meet Pastor Kesnel. In Haiti, pastors are expected be spiritual shepherds and much more. They help provide adults with jobs, children with education, and healthcare for the community. A normal day for Pastor Kesnel could include teaching a Bible study, overseeing a… Read More

2 Minutes with GO | April 2018 Quarterly Update

How are a family in Brownwood, Texas, and 36 children in the care of our local partners in Bunia, Congo, connected? They are being protected, served, and loved by YOU! Hear their stories in 2 minutes... almost. [embed][/embed] Joe Knittig,… Read More

Someone Willing to Step Out and Ask

Fundraising seems simple, but asking for money can feel uncomfortable. You believe in your cause, but will others? Fear, doubt, and guilt ask, “Who would give to me?”. Jay Schlaegel, a junior at Texas A&M, talked with us about his fundraising… Read More

Children Evacuated from the Congo

 36 children were safely evacuated last week from Bunia, Congo to our church partners in Kabale, Uganda. About twenty years ago, ethnic conflict erupted in the Democratic Republic of Congo between the Hemas and the Lendus. During that time, it claimed the lives of many… Read More

Your Dollar’s Journey to India

There are dollar bills circulating the world marked with a tracking code and website to follow each dollar’s journey. It’s unifying to consider where your dollars have traveled and the many hands they have touched. Each dollar has the potential to leave rippling impact… Read More

Freshmen Celebrate Their First Harvest

Smiles all around as we cheer on the freshman class' first harvest at the GO Transition Academy! Students spent the morning digging up cabbage, carrots and beans, seeing their hard work over the past six months through to the very end. Growth of their skills, knowledge and… Read More


Behind the Scenes: Ethiopia Water Project

Two years ago, our GO Africa team began a project with a church in Katcha, Ethiopia, to improve water quality, supply, and distribution. After many weather-related delays, the project is nearing completion! Katcha is a rural village in the hills of Ethiopia, often accessible… Read More

Kids Helping Kids | The Malawi Challenge

From forgoing birthday presents, to biking across Haiti, this global family has done so many amazing things to raise money and care for kids around the world. This week, we're blown away by the initiative of our friends behind The Malawi Challenge.   Chuck and Debi… Read More

2 Minutes With GO | December 2017 Quarterly Update

During this busy holiday season, we are pausing to reflect on everything God has done through this community and YOU in 2017! Learn what these last few months have held for us, including an update on The Global Orphan Project's growth into the Middle… Read More

A Different December – Because of YOU!

We live in a time of increasing division. Yet there is a buoyant counterforce at work that is joyful, hopeful and transformational. And it’s manifested when people from all walks of life connect to provide opportunity for children our world has left behind.  Our goal… Read More