The First Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving: A History

The “first” Thanksgiving took place in November 1621 between the Pilgrims at Plymouth and their Native American allies. The peaceful relationship between the Native Americans and the Pilgrims was possible through the presence of English-speaking Native Americans (including… Read More


On the Grid: Tier 1 – Transition

Graduation. In American culture, it is one of the few universally esteemed milestones of accomplishment and maturation. For many, it is representative of more than past efforts: it is a symbol of the road ahead, a springboard into the future. The day of graduation often… Read More

Boys at Casa Amor Nov 2015

Realities of the Street in Santo Domingo

Last January, CONANI, the Dominican Republic's Child Welfare division, brought 8 boys in one day to Casa Amor, our orphan care partner in the DR. Today, they are scheduled to bring 4 more - again, all boys, which will bring the totals to 35 children/24 boys. I asked Pastor… Read More

Oklahoma CarePortal

Oklahoma Awesomesauce

In its most recent quarterly revision, the Oxford dictionary recognized a new word: awesomesauce. This is a real thing. Awesomesauce is officially a word. Some will deplore the seemingly rapid descent of intellect: others will celebrate the funny banter of the English… Read More

Did You Know that the Church Could Transform the Child Welfare System?

One must tread lightly when quoting Joseph Stalin.  The untold and largely unknown atrocities of the civil clampdown on the people of the Soviet Union reverberate through time and reflect a spiritual darkness that can be traced back to the man in power.  Yet, in his efforts… Read More

Luke Skywalker, Frodo Baggins, and the Seven-Time Revelation of the Hidden Hero

By Ryan Hudnall Consider these names: Luke Skywalker, Frodo Baggins, Harry Potter, Katniss Everdeen, Aladdin, Mowgli, Tarzan, Cinderella, Snow White, Bruce Wayne, and Clark Kent. The common thread? All orphaned and abandoned children. All of them having suffered great… Read More

CarePortal in Arizona

Zest in ‘Zona

Two weeks ago, we enthusiastically announced that Stephens County became the first active county in Oklahoma. Interest in the CarePortal continues to grow, and Pima County in Arizona has formally initiated a pilot program between area churches and the Arizona Department of… Read More

The Grid – Tier 1

On The Grid: Tier 1 – Adoption

Frankly, love for the orphan saved my life. It was a sobering day in December 1925 when my grandma became a double orphan.  Seven years earlier, her father had passed away because of pneumonia, and diphtheria had now claimed the life of her mother. My grandma was a sweet… Read More


Impacted Forever

Below is a collection of photos and stories from a recent vision trip. Their leader explained, "The fact is, we need to talk about the experience to help us understand the culture shock between the life we live and the lives we visited. Enjoy – and may your heart be touched… Read More

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 12.47.37 PM

CarePortal Active in Oklahoma!

It is with great delight that we celebrate the recent go live of Stephens County in southern Oklahoma.  Stephens County is the first active county in Oklahoma, thereby making Oklahoma the fourth state in which churches are actively meeting the needs of its neighbors via the… Read More

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