These Are the Steps to Reunification

The world of family collapse is messy. The moments and circumstances that result in child placement in the foster care system are messy.  These are known and understood.  However, the complexities to emerge out of the system also pose significant hurdles for a family… Read More

The Grid - T2 - Section 3

On The Grid: Tier 2 – Adoption

In last month’s On The Grid, we considered the often overlooked opportunities to assist those children and families in the child welfare system.  This month’s analysis of The Grid continues this conversation but focuses specifically on adoption. For many children in the… Read More

commercial lot Independence, Missouri

A Real Estate Mogul Wants to Build a Wall…

…but we’re not talking about The Donald. We’re talking about a couple who wants to build a retaining wall to keep children in; that is, in homes that are safe from a chronically-flooded river. Our friends aren’t running for President, but they are reviewing their… Read More

Youre Wroth It Video

You’re Worth It

Throughout the first year of CarePortal, we’ve heard wonderful stories of local churches having an impact on local families. These are stories of compassion and mercy and love, stories of embracing the needs of the community and choosing to show the love of Jesus Christ. One… Read More


Water in Bunia!

Recently we received this update from Rose, GO Africa's Facilitator for Local Church Partnerships: Here’s an update on the borehole from my recent trip to Bunia. The hard rocky water work has now gone as far as 12m and at that level 200 liters of water is drained daily.… Read More


The Love of the Father

Ricardo (in the red and black shirt above) was one of my favorites at Casa Amor, our partner in the Dominican Republic.  CONANI (DR’s child welfare) brought him into care because his dad was no longer in the picture, and his mom was sick and unable to care for him.  Month… Read More

Pastor Mongerard

All they are and then some…

I first met Pastor Mongerard nearly ten years ago on one of my first trips to Haiti. He was a  relative newlywed, no children, a young church with a fledgling orphan care ministry. By God's grace, Pastor Mongerard and his bride have been faithful and effective. Today, they… Read More


A Birthday to Remember

Yesterday in downtown Kansas City, we celebrate CarePortal’s birthday.  This milestone is a gathering of the local churches, child welfare workers, and CarePortal staff who are collaborating to bring about change in the lives of local families.  As part of the birthday, we… Read More

02-2016 Hinche

Forging friendships across cultures

By Trip Manager Stephanie Mutert One of my favorite things to do in Haiti is travel with an American church that has chosen to partner with a local Haitian church. When each church is willing to pray for, support, and build relationships across cultural and international… Read More

Did You Know that Real-Time Impact Stats are available at

Have you spent much time at  If you haven’t visited recently, it’s time to take another visit!  There are new resources frequently posted, including videos, handouts, FAQ responses for child welfare workers and ministry leaders, among others. One of the… Read More