Latrine Construction 2

Photo Update: New latrine at Biggarouse

Pastor Elysée Jean and the children at Biggarouse are praising God for progress on the construction of the new latrine at "Big House". "Sometimes we take for granted how something as simple as a working toilet can radically impact a child's ability to develop healthily,"… Read More

Where are we going? A CarePortal Vision . . .

“Piti piti zwazo fè nich li.” As part of our international ministry, we are deeply invested with church partners in Haiti. In our interactions with our partners, we have come across this Haitian proverb. It states, “Little by little, the bird builds its nest.” It… Read More

Theard Rose-Monique

Meet the graduates

Meet a few students from the GO Transition Academy Class of 2016: Vergnaud Aimable Age: 29 Trade: Agriculture Grade: Graduate Home Village: Marmalade Favorite Verse: Romans 8:1 , Psalm 94:17 , John 3:16 , Romans 8:31 “God has taught me that I am in the GO… Read More


GO Transition Academy: A future and a hope

"The GO Transition Academy is about helping youth understand that they aren't just recipients of care, that they don't just need to be fixed. They are contributors and they are on a mission . . . They are being sent by God to be part of their communities, part of their… Read More

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Second GO Transition Academy graduation approaches

In its third year of operation, the GO Transition Academy (formerly known as Pathways) is preparing for its second graduation on Saturday, August 20, 2016. Graduation represents the culmination of a 2-year period of discipleship and training dedicated to preparation for life… Read More

Grandchild and grandparent

Children helping children

By Taylor Burdiss, CarePortal intern The CarePortal network includes churches of all sizes, ages, and demographics. The common thread that binds these churches is the longing to serve local children and families in crisis. No need is the same. No response is the same. In… Read More


Like Christmas in July

By Sadie Elliott, CarePortal intern We are often blessed by stories shared by church members at active CarePortal churches. We hear how meeting a need has impacted them personally, and we hear how their gift has affected the family in need. These are invaluable and… Read More

07-2016 Desire

May we read it again?

By Trip Manager Stephanie Mutert Seeking to engage older kids working on English language skills, as well as younger kids simply fond of pictures in books, some recent visitors brought English and Creole versions of Bible stories. Knowing attention spans are limited for… Read More

Close up view of classmates sitting on bench

What if we don’t see the end of the story?

By Sadie Elliott, CarePortal intern Who doesn’t love a good success story? Superheroes and love stories and underdogs enchant us. Our books, shows, and movies have to have happy endings. But what happens when the storybook ending doesn’t occur? What happens when we… Read More

07-2016 Latremblay

Welcome to the Family

By GO Fellow Sarah Herrera Latremblay is a village under the care of ever-enthusiastic Pastor Claude. A practical legend amongst his own community and many others, Claude has a passion for loving the orphan because he was one himself. Growing up the victim of a broken… Read More