A Source of Passion

Since January many have been following Barrett Keene on his eight-month, 3,475 mile trek across America to raise awareness and support for orphans. Barrett  made his way through Florida and is now headed across Georgia. We’ll be sharing updates from his journey, but you can also track his progress HERE>>

The impact of identifying a source of passion in our lives…
by Barrett Keane

Adrien Lewis, my main contact with The Global Orphan Project told me during one of our first conversations that he was as excited to see what God was going to do in me as he was pumped to see what God was going to do through everyone’s efforts to serve orphans through the walk. I found this to be a curious statement. After being on the road for 50 days or so, I am beginning to understand the power of Adrien’s words. When we choose to give, to serve, to join in a fight against a problem larger than ourselves, there is something that happens within us. Think back to a time when you gave…you served…you fought against some source of injustice. What was that experience like for you? What impact did you have on others? What impact did the experience and those involved have on you?

I experienced this beautiful reality while losing every game and still receiving a gold medal with my wonderful friends and teammates in the unified Special Olympics. I knew it to be true every year at the National FFA convention rocking my corduroy jacket with 50,000 other FFA members who were strangers, yet somehow family members as well. I knew it to be true the first time, second time, and every time God opened the door to serve children in need. However, it was not until I sat down and really prayed and reflected on “What was it for me?” that my efforts to impact our messed up world began to have some focus, and thus, more of an impact.

Instead of simply helping as opportunities found me, identifying and cultivating my desire to serve orphans has provided purpose, backbone, and direction to my desire to serve. When we choose to give and to serve it is not simply the immediate output that is of consequence. There can be a transformation, an emptying of our former and selfish selves and the creation of a deeper reservoir and resource to serve from and with. This is a blog post I wrote a while back for the leadership work I am blessed to be able to do with various groups regarding the impact of passion and purpose in our lives and development as leaders: CLICK HERE>> to continue reading…