Gettin’ Creative: 5 Tips to Help More Children Through CarePortal

It’s no secret that every ZIP code will always have children and families who need help in times of crisis. With so many families, sometimes it’s important to get creative! Here are a few tips for finding new ways to meet needs and to help spread the love to even more children in our communities.

1. Thrift Stores
From furniture to knickknacks, it’s safe to assume thrift stores pretty much have it all. Search online for  “thrift stores near me,” and you’ll soon be tag-poppin’ with a purpose.
(Ex: Salvation Army, Goodwill)

2.  Online Marketplaces
You can search within a radius of nearby ZIP codes and often find high quality goods that are affordable or even free! Sometimes people are moving and looking for some fast cash, so these marketplaces are a great place to peruse on your quest to meet a need.
(Ex: Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist)

3.  Estate Sales
Search for estate sales happening near you, and you might stumble upon a treasure trove of items that could benefit another family in your community.

4.  Garage Sales
There are plenty of ways to discover garage sales, whether through the Sunday newspaper or a post on social media. However you get there, a garage sale could provide some great finds to help you stock up for kids and families.

5.  Just Ask Your Friends
So many of us have resources sitting unused. Encourage your small group and church members to ask around or maybe even make a Facebook post when they’re searching to meet a need — especially for items needed for babies or children.

Whether you’re meeting physical needs and filling relational gaps, thank you to all who are serving local children and families through CarePortal. To learn more about the impact CarePortal churches are having on their communities, visit