Freshmen Celebrate Their First Harvest

Smiles all around as we cheer on the freshman class’ first harvest at the GO Transition Academy!

Students spent the morning digging up cabbage, carrots and beans, seeing their hard work over the past six months through to the very end. Growth of their skills, knowledge and confidence is embodied in this harvest.

Agriculture is one trade students can choose to study at the GO Transition Academy. The Academy is designed to help young adults who have aged out of orphan care in Haiti make a successful transition into adulthood. Through the 2-year vocational and discipleship training program, students learn job skills, life skills, and character development.

First-year students focus on entrepreneurial skills. In other words, they learn how to support themselves and their families through their craft if they cannot find a job. Over the past year, this freshman class learned how to farm a home-based garden. Next year, they will focus on commercial farming.

But this is much more than just planting, tending, and harvesting for these students. We also celebrate the empowerment these young men experienced.

For many, this has been the first job they’ve ever had. This was the first time someone gave them the challenge and opportunity to own a project. As hands clasped and pulled out vegetables, a voice in their heads said, “I did this”.

Jake Barreth, Director of International Orphan Care at The Global Orphan Project, speaks to this: “While it may seem small, the reality is these young men have had their eyes opened to the truth that through hard work and skills-based education, their future looks bright.”

This is what breaking the orphan cycle looks like.



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