- father's family

It is widely assumed that orphans are children who have no parents to care for them, but in fact, 80-90% of children living in orphanages around the world have at least one living parent2 who could care for them if they had the means. A number of factors can impact a parents’ ability to care for their children, which is why we created our Father’s Family program to empower parents to address and overcome difficult challenges in order to keep their family together.

Father’s Family is a peer-based, family-strengthening education and training program. It was adapted from the Child Status Index developed by Duke University as a key evaluation tool. We implement Father’s Family at the local level by vetting and training our church partners, pastors, and community leaders on the program. Over the course of two years, participating families gain knowledge and skills in several key areas such as food security and nutrition, health, education, financial literacy, economic empowerment, relationships, spiritual healing, and more. Members hold each other accountable for adopting the skills learned, and each household identifies a goal that will positively impact the family’s wellbeing.

Leah and her daughter are one of hundreds of families who’ve experienced life change through GO Africa’s newest family-strengthening and orphan prevention program called Father’s Family.

As a ministry of the local church, Father’s Family equips families with basic financial management skills, job skills and spiritual healing. Through its ability to strengthen families, Father’s Family has helped reunify children with their parents and extended family members.