Children Evacuated from the Congo

36 children were safely evacuated last week from Bunia, Congo to our church partners in Kabale, Uganda.

About twenty years ago, ethnic conflict erupted in the Democratic Republic of Congo between the Hemas and the Lendus. During that time, it claimed the lives of many and displaced many more.

Jake Barreth, Director of International Orphan Care at The Global Orphan Project, received an email last month that ethnic conflict had once again risen up. Effected, was the town of Bunia, where GO Project cares for over 36 kids. For the days and weeks to follow, the GO Africa team worked with local church partners and made the decision to evacuate the kids.

The kids, their caregivers, support staff, and their families loaded up in trucks to leave Bunia and head south. They arrived at the border town, Boga, where they spent the night before getting into boats and crossing the Semuliki river into Uganda. Once across the border, they loaded into trucks again to traverse a mountainess pass to their new home, Kabale, Uganda.

It was by God’s providence that the kids had a home waiting for them in Kabale.

GO Project has been in partnership with the church in Kabale for many years, but recently there was a government mandated deinstitutionalization of orphan care in Uganda. As kids were sent to live with families, GO Project helped make that a healthy transition. But what that means to this story, was that there were empty beds. So as kids from Bunia fled to Kabale, we had the space to healthily take care of them.

Despite language and cultural barriers, everyone is getting along excellently! The kids at Kabale have welcomed their new friends with smiles, play, and laughter. And they have been accepted into the local church and local school.

This is a story of immense gratitude!

Thank you to the GO Africa team for their careful work safely evacuating the children from Bunia. Thank you to all of the local churches throughout the Congo and Uganda for their tireless effort to help the kids on the path to their new home. And thank you, for your prayers and support during this time!

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