Celebrate Love with Us — #GOLoveTheOrphan

Loving the Orphan

Google “Valentine’s Day history” and you might find stories ranging from pagan festivals to Christian saints to love birds.

Whatever its origin, Valentine’s Day has been commandeered by retailers for quite some time. This year more than $18 billion will be spent on 220 million roses, 140 million greeting cards, and an assortment of other items. Even pets participate, as the average owner spends about $5 on Valentine’s Day gifts . . . for their pet.

Whether you’re giving diamond pendants or heart-shaped dog biscuits, we encourage you to celebrate love, and we’d love for you to celebrate with us.

GO love the orphan

What’s your #GOLoveTheOrphan story? 

Orphans are so precious to our Father that you can’t help loving on them without getting closer to Him. So, let’s celebrate!

Print out the GO Valentine’s Day card, and share how loving the Orphan has changed your life. Get creative, snap a photo of your smiling face with your card, and then share it and tag us on Facebook. You’re also welcome to send us your photo by email, and we’ll share a few favorites as we approach the big day. Here’s to a love-filled Valentine’s Day!

Downloadable PDF: GO Valentine’s Day card