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Welcome from boys in Sarampet

The Pastor's Posse at Sarampet

Long after the city skyline and street lights disappear, follow the one lane road for an hour or two to the Father's House at Sarampet. You'll be glad you did. You may be greeted with children singing and Indian flowers. A posse of teenage boys may give you a tour of… Read More

Pastor Gopi

Shining in the Slums

In 2006, a faithful, small group leader at Bethel Gospel church, gave his life to pastoring people. Pastor Gopi's first assignment was to plant a church at NTR Nagar on the outskirts of Hyderabad. Coming from the urban core, life at NTR Nagar was slow at first, which makes… Read More

House of Champions at Amberpet

Thank God for Normal Problems

Two days ago, a United Airlines agent in Kansas City welcomed Jake Barreth and me to the airport with, "Hi, are you all on the cancelled flight to New Jersey?" Seemed like a trick question, or at least a tricky question. Either way, it's not how we hoped to start our trip to… Read More



By Ryan (serving as a GO Fellow in Haiti) Your GO Haiti American staff has embraced a new slogan. If I’m going to be honest, I wish I could say that our new maxim was a planned effort of the heart. One that we prayerfully considered and felt compelled to adopt. But I… Read More

Foster Care Friday

A Place to Call Home

Bobby Brown is a friend of the ministry and took some time out of his week to help with doing a property clean-up for one of our Church partners. Here is his experience: “This week was very motivating and a true blessing for me. I helped clean-up the yard of a soon to be… Read More

Parents preparing garden

God Story – Kafunjo

The focus of GO Africa’s ministry is expanding to include partnering with the local church in the cause of orphan prevention, as well as providing a loving home for the most abandoned and abused children in the community. So, what does it look like when a local church… Read More

A day in Kansas City

One of the ways that God uses GO Project is by impacting lives through Vision Trips. We currently invite people to join us on a trip to Haiti or Uganda. These trips allow folks to experience our ministry model, worship with the local church, and learn about job creating… Read More

2013-14 GO Haiti Pathways Class

GO Haiti Pathways Update

  Pathways is a life-skills-based learning program for students 18 years or older that have “aged out” of one of GO Project’s partner church communities in Haiti. Pathways was developed as an initiative to assist the most educationally-disadvantaged students in GO… Read More

Carlito coming into Brisas del Este

What is one child worth?

This week we received some pictures from Pastor Altagracias, our partner in the Dominican. The first showed a boy pulling a suitcase. His name is Carlito.  Though we don’t know much of his story, we have been praying for him. On the other side of the metal gate was a… Read More

God Loves Harriet

When Harriet was born in a rural part of southwestern Uganda almost 35 years ago, she was born at home in the village with two club feet. This unfortunate situation is all too common. Lacking the resources and access to medical care that could easily correct her club feet… Read More