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Impacted Forever

Below is a collection of photos and stories from a recent vision trip. Their leader explained, "The fact is, we need to talk about the experience to help us understand the culture shock between the life we live and the lives we visited. Enjoy – and may your heart be touched… Read More

Storytelling is a gift

Storytelling is a masterful gift. I recently met a trip goer with an incredible talent to tell stories. She shared her talent with the kids at Marmalade one afternoon while telling the story of Joseph and his coat of many colors. The kids sat transfixed by her facial expression… Read More

Friendship is a blessing

Friendship is a blessing in so many ways, and when friends come to visit and be present in the places that I get to hang out at with the kids in the Pastors’ care I get giddy. One of my friends who recently visited is an incredible artist. She had made a journal for her time… Read More

More Vision Please

Today, we can hyper focus like never before. In seconds the web can take you to a plethora of the most minute of topics. 24 million people follow Kim Kardashian's...talents" on Twitter. But even before Al Gore invented the Internet our desire to get lost in the weeds was alive… Read More

She who was last shall be first

Here’s a little African educational primer for your context… In Uganda, the educational system is based on the British tradition. There are seven primary school years, from primary one to primary seven. Many challenging factors such as lack of school fees, uniform and/or… Read More

The Irish are a smilin'

On a recent trip to Kabale, Uganda, our team was heartily welcomed by Hilary Byorugunda, Regional Manager for GO Africa and Church of Uganda Father’s House. He also is a dedicated Trainer for an amazing agricultural program known as Farming God’s Way* that is cultivating… Read More

Top 5 weekend quips from Haiti

I regularly borrow a prayer I learned from Mike Fox. It goes like this: "Lord, please let me live long enough to go to Haiti one more time." Jesus answered that prayer for me and 23 others from 4 states on a team that served this weekend. And, once again, God once showed… Read More

The Miracle of Life in Pothawira

Two children were recently welcomed into the Pothawira family in Malawi! Here is an e-mail excerpt from our partner Pastor Peter Maseko: We just received another set of twins today, both male and about 5 days old. The mother died last night after a c-section delivery at… Read More

Games at Children Camp

Smiles in Sarampet

Earlier this week, we received the following update about a recent Children's Camp from Mary, GO India’s Executive Director. Dear Brothers, Thanks again for supporting the children to enjoy themselves in a special way. The kids at Father's House Sarampet are highly… Read More

encouraging mamas

Leading at Gulu

Update by Gloria Piker, Coordinator of St. Philip's Father's House, Gulu Uganda Recently we held a meeting with the Management Committee where we continued to talk about the vision of the Father’s House. We also planted trees by the vicar around the Father’s… Read More