CarePortal Region Goes to Haiti. You Can, Too!

“There’s a church in the community who cares for orphaned and vulnerable children.”

This ambiguous statement could be made of churches all over the world. These churches possess the same heartbeat, even though the location varies. For those of us in the CarePortal network, watching the collaboration of churches caring for children across America has been an incredible blessing. 

Global Vision. Local Care. 

CarePortal is a ministry initiative of The Global Orphan Project. Within GO Project’s ministry, local churches are caring for orphaned and vulnerable children in the US, East Africa, India and Haiti.

As part of GO Project’s ministry, we offer Vision Trips so people can go and walk alongside their brothers and sisters in Christ caring for the orphaned and vulnerable in communities around the world. Churches from a CarePortal region in South Central Kansas recently traveled to encounter the challenges of orphan care and the beauty God’s heart for His children in Haiti. 

CarePortal Goes to Haiti

From Rural Kansas to Port-au-Prince, Haiti

The team from South Central Kansas traveled to Haiti and spent time with Pastor Claude, who has dedicated his life to caring for the orphan. Pastor Claude, who was also an orphan himself, understands the plight of the children and the importance of caring for them. 

Trip leader and CarePortal Regional Manager, Hallie Cable, offered the following observations about the team’s vision trip:

“I wish there were words that feel adequate, but there just aren’t.

I think, in life here, we get rare glimpses of Jesus through people who are truly a reflection of Him, and Pastor Claude is one of those!

In Proverbs it states that we are to be like iron sharpening iron, Christians sharpening each other’s faith. Haiti, Claude, Mama Magoli, our local staff and little Blana sharpen me as we worship & dance, blow bubbles, hug tightly, laugh loud and weep. I need Haiti more than it will ever need me.”

“I need Haiti more than it will ever need me.” — Hallie Cable 

CarePortal Goes to Haiti

As part of the Vision Trip, members from the team spent time interacting with the children in care. Some of the team members played soccer with the kids, displaying the fullness of their desires to interact. Regarding her time with the children, Hallie commented:

 “I think most of all they teach me pure JOY!”

CarePortal Goes to Haiti

A Vision Trip is an opportunity to witness the global Church in action. Others in the CarePortal network who have gone on Vision Trips have shared, “I thought I was going to teach when I came. I never thought I was going to learn so much.”

So join us! We would love the opportunity to host you, your church and your CarePortal region! For more information, please reach out to your local CarePortal Regional Manager or contact us.