This is your movement. Your opportunity to tell a story and celebrate a child that had an impact on your life. Too often the overlooked and abandoned child, the fatherless, futureless, hopeless child, is thought to be a burden. When in fact, that child is a huge blessing. That child is a game-changer. That child can transform a life, our lives, for the better.

We have created a platform where you can share your story of that one little hero who touched your heart. It’s an opportunity for you take just a moment to confirm that there’s love enough, resource enough and desire enough to care forevery child. It’s your story, in celebration of that one child.


What can sharing your story do? It can change a mindset that society’s most vulnerable kids will wreck your life if you let them get too close. These are the very kids that will reward your life when you open your arms and let them in. And when that happens, the world changes. The child welfare system changes. Neighborhoods, communities and schools change.

We want 1,000 people to tell their story. Share it with us and with your friends using the hashtag #careforeverychild. Then watch the movement take shape, see families embrace, and allow kids to thrive. It only takes a story.