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Every family, no matter where they live, experiences good times as well as hard times.

When family breakdown cannot be prevented, we train leaders and members of the local church to provide family-style care that reduces the flow of children into orphanages and group homes. By recruiting kinship, foster, and adoptive families in the surrounding area, children get to remain close to their biological family and home community with caring adults who can support their needs until they can either safely return home or be adopted.

Why not orphanages?

Historically, group homes like orphanages have been home for children who have no other family to care for them. While their basic needs are met, these children still lack a permanent home, and the research on children living in institutions shows negative impacts on their health and overall development.

As a result, our work has transitioned away from traditional institutional orphan care models towards a holistic family-style care model that aligns with our mission to break the orphan cycle.