Sustain CarePortal in Your Community

CarePortal Connects Your Church to Local Children and Families in Crisis

CarePortal does not have any contracts with government or child welfare agencies.

The team, network, and technology required to sustain this movement is fueled by churches giving an average of $100/month. Some give more, others give less. Regardless all churches are welcome.

You can give through a church budget or through individuals in your congregation.

Sustain CarePortal in Your Community

Why CarePortal?

Currently, there are no fast and effective ways for Child Welfare workers to connect with Church leaders about the needs of hurting children and families in the community. So, many children and families are left struggling when the Church could step in to help.

The CarePortal is an online church engagement tool that connects the State (Child Welfare Workers) to the Church. Child Welfare workers uncover the needs. The CarePortal makes local Churches aware, giving them a timely, non-threatening invitation and opportunity to respond.

Sustain CarePortal in Your Community

CarePortal Catalyzes the Movement

CarePortal churches stay involved through a team of volunteers and staff, an organized network, and dynamic technology that catalyzes daily engagement.

Sustain CarePortal in Your Community-How it Fits Together

100% Commitment

CarePortal is a division of The Global Orphan Project. 100% of your donations will be used for CarePortal ministry.  We do not use any of your generous gifts for our administrative overhead or fund raising expenses. We are able to do this because dedicated donors and other income sources fund our overhead.

Sustain CarePortal in Your Community-ECFA

ECFA Accredited

Click here to view The Global Orphan Project’s Profile on ECFA’s website or watch this video to learn more about the ECFA.

Sustain CarePortal in Your Community-Charity Navigator

4 Star Charity Navigator Rating

The Global Orphan Project has received a 4 star rating from Charity Navigator. Learn more here.


The Global Orphan Project has received a Gold rating from Guidestar. Learn more here. (Guidestar is a 501(c)(3) public charity that collects, organizes, and presents nonprofit information in an easy-to-understand format while remaining neutral.)

Other Ways to Donate

"Stuff" like cars, jewelry, and real estate can also change lives. Contact us if you would like to invest in children by giving your non-cash assets.

Registered Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) Charity

The Global Orphan Project is a 2013 nationally registered Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) member. Our charity code is 65994. You can also find The Global Orphan Project on page 54 of the CFC’s 2013 Catalog of Caring (PDF)