Buy GOEX: A Buck-a-Tee to Kids!

T-shirts. You buy lots of them. Your church, your school, your business, your favorite charities . . . they buy lots of promotional and branded tees. Did you know those same shirts are often made in hidden conditions that create orphans?

GOEX provides a new choice.

GOEX is our apparel brand that cares for kids. 100% owned by The Global Orphan Project, GOEX turns t-shirts into life-changers.  

The GOEX team is rolling out a simplified pricing model for purpose-driven people and organizations:

Price of GOEX Tees = Their Costs + $1 Buck-a-Tee for Kids

That Buck-a-Tee goes directly to projects to care for children in crisis in the US and around the world through GO Project. Not some of it. All of it – off the top of each purchase. 

GOEX The Brand that Cares for KidsChoose GOEX and you will:

  1. Receive premium retail quality tees made from USA Premium Fabric.
  2. Support life-changing jobs in our production facilities in Haiti and Kansas City.
  3. Give a Buck-a-Tee to care for kids! 

There is power in your purchase. GOEX invites you to partner with them to help break the orphan cycle by simply changing where you buy your t-shirts. Visit or contact to learn more or get a quote. 


After growing up in the care of one of our local church partners in Haiti, Isemary is now a GO Transition Academy Graduate employed full-time producing tees for GOEX through the excellent work of her own hands.