Behind the Scenes: Ethiopia Water Project

Katch_EthiopiaTwo years ago, our GO Africa team began a project with a church in Katcha, Ethiopia, to improve water quality, supply, and distribution. After many weather-related delays, the project is nearing completion!

Katcha is a rural village in the hills of Ethiopia, often accessible only by motorcycle. Because it is beyond the reach of big aid or government assistance, the Katcha community’s water supply has been limited to an underground spring that came up through a mud hole hundreds of yards outside of the village.

Two different groups in America responded to the need for Katcha to have safe, accessible, and affordable water. Through their generosity, a much cleaner basin now collects the spring’s water, and main water collection reservoir can now accommodate 9,000 liters. From there, water is delivered through pipes downhill to a spout behind the church, ready to serve the community.

As this project nears completion, we celebrate that Katcha will now have secure access to this life-giving resource!


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