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Bertrand and his bride

Faith in Jesus. Faith in jobs.

Apr 17, 2014  |  Trace T.  |  GO Haiti, GO Project  |  No Comments

Hebrews 11:1 “Faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see” is Bertrand Lozier’s life verse. We first met Bertrand four years ago when he started as a bus driver for GO Haiti. The earthquake had hit Bertand’s family hard. Making hospital visits to see… Read More

Love chasing

Apr 13, 2014  |  Trace T.  |  GO Project, Trips  |  No Comments

At GO, we’ve learned true blessings flow both ways. It’s a beautiful truth that was once again demonstrated on a Haiti Vision Trip… “My Dad died nine years ago. I can tell you the day. It is the day of sadness. My Dad was my holder and comforter. After he left, I went to live with my… Read More

My Heart Exposed

Apr 9, 2014  |  Trace T.  |  GO Project, Trips  |  No Comments

God is transforming lives through orphan care. That’s a beautiful fact. Still, at GO Project, we think a fascinating question is, “Who is being transformed more, the children who need family or those who love them?” Is Matt Kouri’s statement that we “need orphan care as much or more than… Read More

Removed - 12 minutes to find out

Apr 4, 2014  |  Trace T.  |  GO Project  |  No Comments

When brokenness rips innocence, few children have the words to describe the hurt, their fear, their pain. But what if they could? What if a child told you what they were feeling when those they needed the most threatened their very existence? What if a wounded little girl shared that her angry… Read More

Brisas Prayer Team

Abierto la puerta (Open the door)

Mar 27, 2014  |  Trace T.  |  GO Project, Villages  |  No Comments

Last night at Brisas Del Este, church leaders from Restoracion gathered to pray. One was a lawyer who has donated her time to file paperwork on behalf of the ministry. Others were house mammas to be, pastors, ladies with hearts for missions and prayer. We read Scripture from Mark about… Read More


The End of the Line

Mar 25, 2014  |  Trace T.  |  GO Project, Trips  |  No Comments

Joe Knittig asks an interesting question. "If you back a food truck into a tent city and fling open the doors, what does the crowd that forms look like?" The strongest men will push their way to the front. After them, dedicated women, followed by old people. At the end of the line will be… Read More

Worth Singing About

Mar 24, 2014  |  Trace T.  |  GO Project  |  No Comments

I've told my daughters, "Someday when you bring boys home, don't bring any boys that don't sing. I don't want them in the family." I don't care if they sing well. I simply think we have too many good reasons to sing to avoid it entirely. Yesterday morning in Haiti two pastors' daughters,… Read More

The Redeemed 13

Mar 11, 2014  |  Trace T.  |  GO Project, Trips  |  No Comments

Recently, Sports Illustrated ran an article about a group of high schoolers nicknamed The Renegade 13. A basketball coach, frustrated by a pattern of poor attitude and effort, asked his starting five to turn in their jerseys. To get them back, they’d need to schedule an interview with him and… Read More

kids eating

A Good Day at GO Project

Feb 28, 2014  |  Trace T.  |  GO Haiti, GO Project  |  No Comments

Our financial controller, Debbie McMullin, likes to say that, “Any day we wire funds to the field is a good day at GO.”  We had such a day this week, as $167,000 was sent to GO Haiti.  The number isn’t nearly as important as what it represents.  Here a few highlights: 1,050 children… Read More

The power of parents and their love

Feb 24, 2014  |  Trace T.  |  GO Project, US Orphan Care  |  No Comments

Whether you like NPR or not, this eight-minute story about the life of Izidor Ruckor, a Romanian orphan, contains two great truths. The first is that parents matter. In an instant and outsourcing society, there is no substitute for parents who personally and sacrificially invest in the lives of… Read More

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