Monthly Archives - August 2010

Looking forward to it

We never presume upon God, but do you ever have the feeling that He is going to move in a big way? Not because He has to, but just because He does. That’s who He is: alive, one the […]


Kyotera kids

Here’s one more quick pic… Diton clowning with a bunch of the Kyotera kids. Thumbs up.

Kyotera Kids with Pastor Diton
Tomorrow, we head to a new village to be in Mbira, and then on to Kabale in SW Uganda […]


Christ's transformational love

Pastor Diton said that God’s using the church to demonstrate Christ’s transformational love. To explain, he introduces me to Stephen. Here’s a pic of Diton with Stephen.
Steven and Pastor Diton
Stephen lost both parents to AIDS. He […]


On the move in Africa!

Today, I’m in Uganda. I’m here with Adrien and the Long Hollow Church leadership. We arrived late last night, and drove to Masaka this morning. We spent the day at Kyotera Village, one of our children’s […]


Almost There

After more than 26 hours of travel, Joe Knittig and Adrien Lewis should be touching down in Uganda right now. They left yesterday for two weeks in Africa. Our Nashville friends from Longhollow Baptist Church are with […]