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Dora and Gloria

Dora and Gloria

Mar 31, 2014  |  Dr. Alison B.  |  GO Africa, GO Project, Villages  |  No Comments

By Alison L. Barfoot (The Rev. Canon Dr.), Executive Director of GO Africa in Kampala, Uganda  In the beginning, the Gulu Father’s House was supposed to accommodate 100 children. But, then the government guidelines suggested smaller villages, so the GO Africa team recommended capping the… Read More


The Rain on Marozeau

Jun 20, 2013  |  IV W.  |  Adventures  |  No Comments

Last Tuesday, ten of us rode donkeys for two and a half hours up a narrow, rocky trail to a network of ten mountain villages called Marozeau (“mah-roh-zoh”). The only way to get there is by either the donkey ride or helicopter. It’s that remote. Marozeau sits at 3,300 feet above the city… Read More

The Heart of Christmas

Dec 19, 2012  |  Tate W.  |  GO Project, US Orphan Care  |  One Comment

At GO Project, we believe that God releases transformational power when the Local Church, fueled by Christ's Love and firmly rooted in God's Word, sacrifices to care for orphans in their community. Since we formally launched Adopt|KC in 2012, we have been overwhelmed to learn that God has long… Read More


Abijean’s Miracle

Nov 21, 2012  |  GO Project  |  GO Project  |  No Comments

This blog was written by the Haiti Orphan Project (HOPE). HOPE exists to provide loving care for orphans in Haiti, in a Christian gospel context. HOPE partners with The Global Orphan Project and local church partners to help care for orphaned and abandoned children. “Clinic closed. Pack it… Read More

The hands and feet

Apr 17, 2012  |  GO Project  |  GO Africa, GO Project, Villages  |  No Comments

From Rose, (GO Africa Orphan Care Manager) My trip to Sudan this particular time has been a special one and one of my best moments as a member of the GO Family. I've had good moments and more are to come; I've seen HIV kids being transferred from The Father's House to AID Child for better care;… Read More


Inspired by Rennel

Mar 29, 2012  |  Trace T.  |  GO Project, Trips  |  No Comments

Last fall, I received an e-mail from a return trip GO'er offering to cover a large portion of a club-foot surgery for Rennel. Rennel's spirit deeply touched this man. Yesterday, at Saintilus (Gonaives, Haiti), I had the opportunity to meet Rennel, 17. I now understand. Rennel's warm eyes… Read More

Management under the mango tree

Feb 9, 2012  |  Marsha C.  |  GO Africa, GO Project  |  No Comments

by  Marsha Campbell Conferences and offices are over rated I’ve decided.  Power meetings can really be energized in a circle under a mango tree (above).  My team and I were privileged and honored to sit in on a very pivotal Father’s House management committee meeting recently in Gulu,… Read More

Water for Desire

Feb 3, 2012  |  GO Project  |  GO Haiti, GO Project  |  No Comments

by Jenni (GO Fellow) Many communities in Haiti, like Desire, are in desperate need of clean and affordable water resources. The problem is not that water is in short supply; rather the lack of vegetation from deforestation has created a precarious environment for clean water to exist. If you were… Read More

The way it really is

Jan 9, 2012  |  GO Project  |  GO Africa, GO Project  |  No Comments

The Tour d'Uganda team arrived in Uganda late last night/early this morning, depending on whose clock you are using. Glad to be here! In the last of four flights, I sat next to a talkative Harvard instructor. 40's. Single. Educated at Smith. In Africa to teach yoga, visit family, and… Read More

Sharon Wins the Day

Mar 25, 2011  |  GO Project  |  GO Project  |  No Comments

It's a little past midnight here and we've wrapped up our day. There's much we could discuss. But sometimes a single story so transcends the bounds of ordinary events, that one can think of little else. Such is the case now. Today we met a woman whom the Lord has brought as a candidate for our… Read More

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