Sprint Crew

Sprint: Connecting Commerce and Care

Jul 2, 2015  |  Joe K.  |  GO Fund, GO Haiti, GO Project, The GO Exchange  |  No Comments

Through a lot of hard work and focus, Sprint® – a Kansas City based company – recently excelled in a competition measuring network performance in KC. To celebrate with our city, Sprint launched its #kcproud campaign. Sprint partnered with us at GOEX to provide 40,000 fabulous #kcproud… Read More

The Care Portal Ministry: A User’s Perspective from…

Jul 2, 2015  |  Ryan H.  |  Care Portal, GO Project, US Orphan Care  |  No Comments

Many reality and competitive TV shows are built on the very premise of providing feedback. If you’ve watched any primetime television over the past decade, you’ve witnessed the emergence of the judge as the celebrity. It’s feedback that is the true star of these shows, with honest and… Read More

Closeup of children's feet hiding under duvet

Breaking the Slumber: Offering Rest

Jun 25, 2015  |  Ryan H.  |  Care Portal, GO Project, US Orphan Care  |  No Comments

There are a number of non-profit organizations dedicated to the welfare of children. Sleepyhead Beds is one of them. This organization exists to serve the children of the Kansas City metropolitan area and has delivered over 5,000 gently used, sanitized beds since 2010. We celebrate their work… Read More


Dramatic Contradictions

Jun 23, 2015  |  Trace T.  |  GO Haiti, GO Project, Trips  |  No Comments

by Jim Subers – Shelterwood CEO/Trip Leader Today, we were reminded of the dramatic contradiction that is Haiti. We come to Haiti, in part because we encounter Jesus here in ways we seldom do back home. On the way to church, we drove into one of the most poverty stricken areas of Port au… Read More

Care Portal Map

Care Portal Technology Update: Using the Map

Jun 16, 2015  |  Ryan H.  |  Care Portal  |  No Comments

Ponder with me for just one moment. Let’s consider that classic scenario: You’re lost in the wilderness and have a very limited amount of weight that you can carry. What do you take? Let’s also presume that, considering it’s the wilderness, your smartphone has been rendered ineffective… Read More

Elizabeth and Dibogo with their family

Dibogo and Elizabeth

Jun 15, 2015  |  Sonya W.  |  GO Africa, GO Project, Mamas  |  No Comments

Huruma was one of our first church-based orphan care projects in Africa. Six years ago Jessie Tingsen, a Filipino pastor and his wife, planted a local, indigenous church in Tanzania. They soon were confronted with the  obvious: how can a church show the love of Christ, in deed, if their members… Read More


Rebuild. Renew. Redeem.

Jun 10, 2015  |  Trace T.  |  GO Africa, GO Project, GO Project, Videos, Villages  |  One Comment

A friend and I recently took a drive around urban KC. If you haven't done that in awhile, you might be surprised by the number of boarded up buildings. The buildings will continue to sit and rot, reminders of times past, unless someone comes in to either level them and start over or restore what's… Read More

Lira Update

Daily Faithfulness. Radical Transformation

Jun 9, 2015  |  Trace T.  |  GO Africa, GO Project, GO Project, Villages  |  No Comments

We went to Lira today to visit our partners and the children in their care at The Father's House. Located in a part of the country terrorized for years by LRA rebels, Lira is a difficult place, so it wasn't a total surprise in 2010 when the ministry had a difficult beginning. I had not been there… Read More


Annet N

Jun 8, 2015  |  Sonya W.  |  GO Africa, GO Project, Mamas  |  No Comments

Annet is a house mom at Kabale Father’s House and takes care of 10 girls. The girls in her home like reading, but sometimes they are very playful. “They listen when advised and are obedient because in most cases, they do whatever I tell them to do as a mother in the home,” she explains.… Read More

I Pray for the Light

Jun 3, 2015  |  Ryan H.  |  Care Portal, GO Project, US Orphan Care  |  2 Comments

Stories are beginning to emerge. Stories of needs being met, thankfulness growing in the heart of man, and the Lord being glorified. It started with a decision. A commitment, really, to understand and to choose to assume the burdens of those in the community. Enter The Care Portal. The Care… Read More

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