She who was last shall be first

Mar 4, 2015  |  Marsha C.  |  Education, GO Africa, GO Project  |  No Comments

Here’s a little African educational primer for your context… In Uganda, the educational system is based on the British tradition. There are seven primary school years, from primary one to primary seven. Many challenging factors such as lack of school fees, uniform and/or school supplies as… Read More

Potato harvest at Kabale

The Irish are a smilin'

Mar 2, 2015  |  Marsha C.  |  GO Africa, GO Project  |  No Comments

On a recent trip to Kabale, Uganda, our team was heartily welcomed by Hilary Byorugunda, Regional Manager for GO Africa and Church of Uganda Father’s House. He also is a dedicated Trainer for an amazing agricultural program known as Farming God’s Way* that is cultivating the Father’s House… Read More

Top 5 weekend quips from Haiti

Feb 23, 2015  |  Trace T.  |  GO Haiti, GO Project, Trips  |  2 Comments

I regularly borrow a prayer I learned from Mike Fox. It goes like this: "Lord, please let me live long enough to go to Haiti one more time." Jesus answered that prayer for me and 23 others from 4 states on a team that served this weekend. And, once again, God once showed Himself so faithful and… Read More

Moving Buildings, Moving Mountains

Feb 20, 2015  |  Tate W.  |  Care Portal, GO Project, US Orphan Care  |  No Comments

In the video below, Jason Weber, a good friend and Christian Alliance for Orphans' National Director for Foster Care Initiatives tells an amazing true story about a group of people in rural Nebraska who accomplished something together they could never have done alone. Jason draws a parallel… Read More

The Drop Box: a Must-See Movie

Feb 12, 2015  |  Sonya W.  |  GO Project  |  No Comments

This week, a friend shared his vision for “pro-life.” It does start with being pro-birth. From that foundation, pro-life reaches into every forgotten corner of society. Pro-life loves the poor, the sick, the convict, the elderly, the haughty, the abuser, the difficult, the disadvantaged, and… Read More

Sending Academy students

Jesus leading in the Sending Academy

Feb 5, 2015  |  Derek N.  |  GO Project, Sending Academy, US Orphan Care  |  26 Comments

Sending Academy Update: We are wrapping up week four of our first Sending Academy class. God is moving! We've seen walls start to crumble, emotional highs and lows, and Jesus leading in all of it. Local faith leaders and business leaders have been engaging over the last two weeks to bring… Read More

New Sewing facility in Haiti

Expanding opportunity

Feb 5, 2015  |  Joe K.  |  GO Haiti, GO Project, Sending Academy, The GO Exchange  |  38 Comments

We are expanding apparel production in Haiti to create more jobs! Our original production center has grown beyond its capacity, and we are finally ready to expand into a 24,000 sq. ft. facility where we will make beautiful products for GOEX and other private labels seeking a “fair trade”… Read More

New twins at Pothawira Jan 2015

The Miracle of Life in Pothawira

Feb 4, 2015  |  Sonya W.  |  GO Africa, GO Project  |  71 Comments

Two children were recently welcomed into the Pothawira family in Malawi! Here is an e-mail excerpt from our partner Pastor Peter Maseko: We just received another set of twins today, both male and about 5 days old. The mother died last night after a c-section delivery at Salima District… Read More

The Care Portal comes to Kansas City!

Feb 3, 2015  |  GO Project  |  Care Portal  |  No Comments

The first round of Care Portal gatherings in Kansas City went fantastic! Many churches attended and are excited about taking the next step to see the Care Portal used in KC. We also found that for many the dates didn’t work, so we have a second round of meetings scheduled for February 19th and… Read More

Games at Children Camp

Smiles in Sarampet

Jan 28, 2015  |  GO Project  |  GO India, GO Project, Villages  |  No Comments

Earlier this week, we received the following update about a recent Children's Camp from Mary, GO India’s Executive Director. Dear Brothers, Thanks again for supporting the children to enjoy themselves in a special way. The kids at Father's House Sarampet are highly talented and have… Read More

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