Haiti's most beautiful octogenarians

Something New for the Old

Aug 26, 2014  |  Trace T.  |  GO Haiti, GO Project, Trips  |  No Comments

Widows and Orphans is a phrase found often in the Bible. Full of life's wisdom, our elders deserve our respect. Full of promise, orphans require parenting. Both need the care and love of family. Both are close to the heart of God. In a day full of blessing, I won't forget my first meeting with… Read More

Village opening ceremony

Something to Celebrate

Aug 25, 2014  |  Trace T.  |  GO Haiti, GO Project, Trips  |  No Comments

People like to celebrate. We celebrate weddings and births, graduations and promotions. This time of year, we prepare to celebrate touchdowns. At the end of the year, we celebrate the beginning of a new year. I'm a fan of celebrating. In fact, I think we should celebrate more. If we did, what… Read More

Solar Suitcases

Power and Light Bearers to The Father's Houses in…

Aug 23, 2014  |  Marsha C.  |  GO Africa, GO Project  |  No Comments

Co-founder Dr. Laura Stachel went to Northern Nigeria in 2008 to study ways to lower maternal mortality in state hospitals. She witnessed deplorable conditions in state facilities including sporadic electricity that impaired maternity and surgical care. Without a reliable source of electricity,… Read More


Brisas opening doors and hearts

Aug 22, 2014  |  GO Project  |  GO Project  |  No Comments

Trace Thurlby and Ryan Hudnall are celebrating with our partners at Brisas del Este in the Dominican Republic as they officially open their doors to children in the community in need of family... Two boys, Richard and Hans, were just dropped off by CONANI. They are both players...Pastora… Read More

Finding his smile in Haiti

Aug 18, 2014  |  Marsha C.  |  GO Project, Trips  |  No Comments

I often say that Haiti is a window through which one can see another world. It is window that often gives new vision to one’s life and beyond. GO Project is blessed to host vision trips—Adventures of the heart, with hundreds each year. We are so very grateful for those who have opened their… Read More

Seeing The Work Through Grace

Aug 18, 2014  |  GO Project  |  GO Project  |  No Comments

by Kim Farag, two journal excerpts from Mid-America Nazarene’s Specialized Counseling Trip to Uganda earlier this summer Seeing The Work Through Grace Even before we even left for our trip I frequently found myself asking, what is our purpose for going? I know the textbook answer. We were… Read More

Kennedy posing in front of his art contribution

O, Ye, of Little faith!

Aug 18, 2014  |  Dr. Alison B.  |  GO Africa, GO Project, Trips  |  No Comments

The GO Project Vision Team that visited Uganda in July wanted to do a community art project when they visited the Lira Father’s House. But, what should they paint? They sat with the Mamas and listened as they talked about the things that symbolize the Father’s House to them. Stories came… Read More

CONANI Approval Letter

A Good Government Letter

Aug 15, 2014  |  Trace T.  |  GO Haiti, GO Project  |  No Comments

“I’m from the IRS, and I’m here to help” has served as the punchline to many an old joke. In truth, few of us have ever celebrated government correspondence, but at GO Project this week, that’s exactly what happened. This letter from CONANI, the Child Protective Services division of… Read More

Swimming in Leogane


Aug 13, 2014  |  GO Project  |  GO Haiti, GO Project, Trips  |  No Comments

Written by GO Fellow Ryan Hudnall The first time I heard the question, the suddenness of the question caught me off guard. It’s something I admittedly take for granted. From my American eye, it was a matter of safety and entertainment as to why I first learned this skill. It was really quite… Read More

Working the fields

A bright light in India

Aug 5, 2014  |  GO Project  |  GO India, GO Project  |  No Comments

GO Project India Trip Report, July, 2014 With 1.2 billion people, a growing economy, a competitive educational system, and a solid labor force where six-day work weeks and a spirit of entrepreneurship are prevalent, India has moved past its history of colonialism and its caste-system silos to… Read More

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