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What’s in a bar chart? More families being helped…

May 15, 2015  |  Trace T.  |  GO Project, US Orphan Care  |  No Comments

All organizations like to show positive-performance trends.  These upward-sloping charts sometimes indicate increasing sales or rising profits to reassure current investors and impress potential new ones.  This Care Portal bar chart, however, represents something a little different: more local… Read More


5 Images from 3 Days in Haiti

Apr 23, 2015  |  Trace T.  |  GO Haiti, GO Project, GO Project  |  30 Comments

Flying back from Haiti, I'm filled with gratitude for all God did the last three days. I hope these word pics capture a few of the highlights...  A Pound of Spaghetti. Aniove, a six-year-old sweetheart from Darivager (pictured to the right), made a quick recovery from her hernia surgery the… Read More

Anthony and Edwin. Worth it for One.

Apr 20, 2015  |  Trace T.  |  GO DR, GO Project, GO Project  |  22 Comments

Anthony starts his Wednesday mornings in a Parkville coffee shop loft with Mike Fox and some other men.  Stemming from God’s Word, topics are real and free flowing: marriage, parenting, business, finances, and sometimes orphan care. It was here that Anthony learned about Casa Amor, which… Read More

Better than a Basket

Apr 20, 2015  |  Trace T.  |  Care Portal, GO Project, GO Project, US Orphan Care  |  No Comments

Around the world, babies sleep in all kinds of places. Moms in Africa use wraps to strap little ones to their backs for hours. Closer to home, little droolers sometimes catch a nap while hanging like a cluster of grapes from a Baby Bjorn or some similar knockoff. Other kiddos make their way into… Read More

Whose Jesus?

Apr 3, 2015  |  Trace T.  |  GO Project, GO Project  |  15 Comments

It’s been said that God created man in His image, and we’ve been trying to return the favor ever since.  Will Ferrell made light of this as Ricky Bobby in the movie Talledega Nights who prayed to “baby Jesus,” because he “likes Christmas Jesus best,” and he was “the one saying… Read More


More Vision Please

Mar 11, 2015  |  Trace T.  |  Adventures, GO Haiti, GO Project, Trips  |  37 Comments

Today, we can hyper focus like never before. In seconds the web can take you to a plethora of the most minute of topics. 24 million people follow Kim Kardashian's...talents" on Twitter. But even before Al Gore invented the Internet our desire to get lost in the weeds was alive and well. NPR built… Read More

Top 5 weekend quips from Haiti

Feb 23, 2015  |  Trace T.  |  Adventures, GO Haiti, GO Project, Trips  |  2 Comments

I regularly borrow a prayer I learned from Mike Fox. It goes like this: "Lord, please let me live long enough to go to Haiti one more time." Jesus answered that prayer for me and 23 others from 4 states on a team that served this weekend. And, once again, God once showed Himself so faithful and… Read More

8 new boys welcomed into Brisas

Ocho Chicos

Jan 21, 2015  |  Trace T.  |  Adventures, GO DR, GO Project, Trips, Villages  |  12 Comments

The number 8 gets a lot of play. Eight is Enough (old TV show). 8-Tracks (old music tapes). 8-ball (corner pocket). Figure 8 (ice skate). 8 at 8 (speed dates), but recently “8” took on a whole new meaning when the DR’s Child Protective Services’ division, CONANI, brought eight, new boys… Read More

No Longer

A Vision for Family

Jan 12, 2015  |  Trace T.  |  Adventures, GO Project, Trips, Villages  |  14 Comments

Life can be so much richer and deeper than our initial plans and hopes. Such is the case with what God is doing in the DR. 13 previously orphaned and vulnerable children live at Casa Amor (Love House), led by Restoracion, a charismatic, Caribbean Church, with orphan care operating costs… Read More


Merry Christmas from Soyasi

Jan 5, 2015  |  Trace T.  |  Adventures, GO Africa, GO Project, Trips  |  5 Comments

Friends, I was blessed by this letter from a beautiful, first grade girl in southern Uganda and simply wanted to share. Thank you for caring about children who need family… I am called Soyasi, i am in P1 at Rukore Primary School, I thank God for choosing me and especially for bringing… Read More

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